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From Savannah to Fast and Furious ACTING teaching

What’s the secret to world class acting? It’s just three words. Let. It. Go. 

On the last episode of this season we’re chatting with one of People Magazines’ 50 Most Beautiful People in the World  - Shannon Sturges, actor and acting coach at Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio. Shannon’s extensive TV and film credits include starring roles in feature films The Fate of Fast and Furious, S.W.A.T., The Shift, and Mr. Write, television movies; Wives He Forgot, with Molly Ringwald, Tornado, with Bruce Campbell, and Silent Predators, with Harry Hamlin.

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Blake Webb returns to discuss his process for preparing for roles. Most recently Blake was starring in 13 Reasons Why.

Previous credits include some of the longest running TV series such as Criminal Minds and NCIS.

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Talent manager or talent agent: what’s the right choice for FIRST-TIME actors?

Do you know what differences there are between what a talent manager and a talent agent do? Nah, we don’t either.

That’s why on today’s episode we’re catching up with Meridith Newby, talent manager at Propel Management who represents actors who featured on top TV shows and national commercials.


5 guaranteed ways to succeed as an actor in Hollywood

We’ve titled today’s episode: 5 guaranteed ways to succeed as an actor in Hollywood. But who are we kidding? There’s no such thing as a sure thing in Hollywood. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve your chances.

Our guest Christine Horn actor and life coach for actors shares her secrets with us. In the last 3 years, Christine starred in 25 TV productions including The Good Doctor, Bosch and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and can be soon seen in Terminator Dark Fate.

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Filmmaking 101: how to write and produce an award winning documentary

Preparing this week’s episode has been a joy. That’s because we got to watch Beers of Joy, an award winning documentary which examines the history, science and unique personalities of the beer world.

David Swift who wrote and directed the movie talks to us what it takes to film across multiple locations in Europe and to secure a distribution deal in a crowded documentary market. He also talks about beer.

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When acting is just not enough FOR ACTORS

Making it big in Hollywood is a goal for many, but being a working actor is a dream for most actors who’ve just begun their careers.

On today’s episode, we’re chatting with Meredith Riley Stewart, Alabama-born, TV and indie movie actress known for Devious Maids and Criminal Minds about how you can improve your chances of succeeding by creating and producing your own content.

Meredith knows a thing or two on the subject having created and produced digital and comedy sketch series including Flip The Script, AutocorrectFU and Southern Dish.


Commercial acting 101: how to get your commercial agent in Hollywood

Acting in commercials can be very lucrative for actors. How do you navigate the world of commercials, and more importantly who are the people who can help you book them?

This week we’re talking to Blake Viglione, a commercial agent at Aqua Talent who has the answers. Aqua Talent, is a full service talent agency located in West Hollywood specializing in digital media, commercial, theatrical, print and celebrity endorsements.

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Can you have both: a sustainable career in TV and success in commercials spanning two decades?

Yes, you can! And that’s according to this week’s guest, Deena Freeman, an award winning commercial actor who starred as Bea Arthur’s daughter in The Golden Girls and April in Too Close for Comfort.



Bad picture and sound can break a good movie. So how can editors and directors work together to bring you the movie magic?

On this week’s episode we’re chatting to Dave Eichhorn, the picture, sound and foley editor with 11 Emmy nominations, who’s worked on 100s of TV and movie productions including The Wedding Singer, JAG and Grey’s Anatomy.

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You will find them in every movie and TV show. No speaking lines, blending into the background. They are - the extras.

Our guest this week is Walt Keller who acted as a background actor in 100s of productions including Westworld, SWAT, Big Little Lies and all the movies he’s not allowed to even mention. *Apparently not everyone knows what background acting is.

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Making and directing your first movie in Hollywood

So you want to make a movie or direct a film? It can be easier than you think.

On this week’s episode, we chat to Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, an award winning director who directed and produced 8 features - so that’s full length movies - in a space of 3 years.

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to guest star on a popular TV show? We have the answers for you.

This week we talk to Blake Webb, LA-based actor, originally from Phoenix, Arizona who starred in some of the longest running TV series such as Criminal Minds and NCIS.