Season 1 of #LAisgoodforyou podcast brings you stories from Silicon Beach. We introduce you to 12 entrepreneurs who are building new transport companies, trying to cure hangover and keeping your vaginas healthy.


Wine blending is trending near The Grove

Co-founder of The Blending Lab,  Michael Keller talks to us about bringing wine blending tastings from straight from Argentina to LA.


The cult drink celebrities follow

Founder of Dirty Lemon, Zak Normandin on harnessing the power of Instagram to create a brand new kind of beverage company using experiential marketing.


Leaving East LA riots for digital Hollywood

Founder of Diamond, Robert Cuadra chats with us about building one of LA’s top digital agency by word of mouth.


Don’t call it Uber for kids

Founder of HopSkipDrive, Joanna McFarland on what it means to give kids access to opportunity through mobility.


From selling textbooks to funding LA startups

Founder of Fika Ventures, TX Zhuo tells us how a family debt started his entrepreneur journey, empathy for founders and the most interesting LA startups.


How a pair of Obama socks started a successful business

Founder of Gumball Poodle, Erica Easley on building a million dollar sock empire and the importance of perseverance.


Building a software company that goes against the norm

Founder of Replicated, Grant Miller talks to us about his journey to founding a software company in LA buckles all the current trends.


From arts & crafts to cybersecurity

Founder of Signal Sciences, Andrew Peterson on how Etsy inspired his startup and why LA is better than the Bay Area to build your startup.


How Caulipower started the cauliflower pizza craze

Gail Becker, founder of Caulipower, on why she left a high profile career to start Caulipower, take on “big pizza” and start the cauliflower pizza crust craze.


Launching a hangover cure on Indiegogo

The founder behind Morning Recovery, Sisun Lee tells us how customs and visa issues almost killed his startup, and why there’s no magical hangover cure. Read transcript


Startup pivot

Founder of Sense360, Eli Portnoy talks about his regret of not selling his first company and successfully pivoting his second startup.


How a 24 year old founder conquered Walmart

Queen V, Lauren Steinberg founder chats with us about redefining the feminine wellness market and destigmatizing the ‘v’ word.