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The #LAisgoodforyou podcast brings untold stories from Los Angeles creators, storytellers and industry players.
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Season 2: Tinseltown - LIVE NOW

In our Season 2, we will focus on the very industry that made Los Angeles the global capital of entertainment.

The ‘Hollywood 101’ episodes will cover many stages of filmmaking, such as screenwriting, directing, producing, acting, casting and post production.

We’ll be interviewing first time directors, aspiring producers, writers lucky enough to have sold their scripts, and actors who defied the odds of making it in Hollywood.

We’ll also tell stories from the people without whom Tinseltown would stand still: casting directors, agents, location scouts and filming crews.

Will you be our guest? Would you like to recommend someone? Please get in touch.

Interested in LA-based entrepreneurship? Check out our Season 1: Silicon Beach, where introduced twelve entrepreneurs covering topics such as building a transportation company for kids, inventing a hangover cure, and creating LA’s own version of Silicon Valley.



Will you be our guest?

We’re currently sourcing guests who’d like to share their war stories with our audience and a new wave of Hollywood hopefuls.

Each episode of Tinseltown Season is dedicated to a specific stage of the filmmaking process or a particular role in it.

We research each topic throughly ahead of the recording and provide a guest with a list of interview questions 24 hours before the interview for her/his approval.

We require one hour of guest’s time for the recording. Guests are interviewed by our co-hosts, Zuzanna Wilson and Lauren Sieckmann.


#LAisgoodforyou is recorded at the Rocinante Studios in Del Rey. Ample street and off street parking is provided.

In certain circumstances, we can also record on location or remotely.

Each episode is professionally edited and distributed on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, ACast, Stitcher and on laisgoodforyou.com.

Tinseltown Season producing team


Zuzanna Wilson I Show host and producer

An ex-Silicon Valley executive, Zuzanna spent the last two decades running marketing for technology startups in London, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And then she discovered Hollywood.

Zuzanna studies acting under Shannon Sturges at Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio. As any aspiring actor, she has a day job: running marketing for technology startups worldwide as fractional CMO.

More information on LinkedIn.


Lauren Sieckmann I Show host

Lauren is an actor, model, and former professional beach volleyball player.

Former USC biology student, she has studied at Anthony Gilardi’s acting studio, and is currently a student at Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio in the scene study class.

Lauren has studied improv with Groundlings, and has been taking MMA classes and keeping up on her athletic background.

More information on LinkedIn.



Campbell is a music producer, composer, software developer, multi-instrumentalist, sound editor, and singer songwriter. And an aspiring actor.

A former Electronic Arts engineer, he operates out of his recording studio, Rocinante Studios, in Del Rey, recording voice-overs, podcasts and aspiring musicians, and writing code for voice games.

When not in the studio, you can find Campbell surfing at Venice beach or strolling his cats, Ocean and Mahoney.